Did you Meditate today?

Mediation is amazing - give it a try - great post from @veronicafiorino_yoga on Insta!
Two weekends ago, I graduated from my first meditation focused teacher training. Quarantine has really been a period of education for me and I’m not upset about it...
The training was as grounding as you would expect it to be and I. absolutely. loved. it. 
Meditation became part of my practice at the beginning of last year. Stress from work was at its highest it’s ever been and was bleeding into every part of my life. Meditation helped me sleep at first, but then I started noticing how much better I handled the day. The stress didn’t go away, but my reactions didn’t seem to be as emotional. I was able to be more present and respond rather than react. 
This training gave me the extra push I needed to make meditation a daily practice, but it also makes me feel more confident bringing the practice to you. I created a document about meditation; what it is, the benefits, and some simple ways to get started. I’m trying to figure out the best way to share it, but if you would like I copy in the meantime, let me know!
Anyways, appreciate you. If there is something you are particularly interested in, let me know! I loveeee answering questions about all the things 💕
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