Zen Life: Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep? I don’t think that I have been. We are 3 weeks into 300 HR with @indrayogainstitute and I’ve been SO inspired by the material that I’ve been spending evenings, mornings and weekends catching up on what I’ve missed (due to work) and completing homework. Well last night, in a moment of self care, I gave myself permission to go to bed early and sleep until I needed to be online for work. 
I woke up so refreshed and ready to take on the day!!! Self care means I’ll be a better student for the incredible facilitators who are guiding me through this journey. It means I’ll be a more productive person for my clients during the work day. And let’s be real, it means I’ll be happier in the process 💕 Now if only I could break this phone addiction I’d really be in business...🤣
Did you do something for you today?? Or even this week?? 👀 
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