Zen Life: Headstand Core Prep!

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Headstand  is all about core stability and forearm support (to keep weight off  your neck!!). These exercises help you work on pushing the floor away  with your forearms, hamstring lengthening to make the lift off the  ground easier, and low belly strength to support the leg lift!

Video  1: forearm plank knee taps!! With these the key is to move as slow as  possible while keeping your torso completely still. As you move, keep  pressing your forearms into the mat and pulling your shoulder blades  around and down. 

Video  2: leg lifts! Keep your low back pressed into the mat at. All. Times.  If you need to press your palms under your hips take that option! Only  lower your leg as far down as you can while keeping your low back  pressed into the mat. 

Video  3: I think these are called suitcases?  These really work your low  belly! Same thing here, keep your low back firmly rooted into your mat!

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