Impact Over Intention with Veronica

Our latest post from our yoga instructor, Veronica Fiorino!
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Impact over intention. This concept resonates SO strongly for me.
What does it mean? It means to prioritize how you make yourself and others feel, the impact of your words and actions over your intent. Let’s say that I said something mean to you and I hurt you. Even if I didn’t I didn’t mean to be mean, me saying “sorry I didn’t intend to hurt you” doesn’t take away from the fact that I did. It happened.
For me this mantra keeps my impact at the forefront of my brain. If I am constantly trying to prioritize my impact over the intent I have in my mind, I will constantly be trying to mitigate anything hurtful.
It’s the Yama of ahimsa (non-harming) in our day to day lives! And it’s internal too. How can you be kinder to you?? How can you prioritize positive influences over negative? Maybe it’s working on positive self talk or setting boundaries and sticking to them, monitoring what you read first thing in the morning or what habits make you feel your happiest. The real question is, how can you exude more positive energy than bad? How can you increase your positive impact?