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Just some pretty food to brighten your feed ☀️ 
Despite it being so cold outside, I’ve been on a cold beverage kick...iced coffee, smoothies, I can’t resist!
It took me a whileeee to get on the green smoothie train, but I’m grateful to have another way to get my fruits and veggies (and sweet!) into my diet each day. 
This yummy smoothie has:
⭐️ frozen blueberries and bananas
⭐️ cinnamon
⭐️ spinach
⭐️ almond butter
⭐️ almond milk (oat milk could work here too!)
⭐️ protein (totally optional. Protein never seems to sit well with me, but if you have some you love, it could be a great add!)
Any other smoothie recommendations?? Would love some new ideas!! 
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